McDonald Financial Corporation (MFC) provides advisory services and has structured and funded numerous domestic and international transactions. MFC has pioneered numerous innovative financial techniques for its client’s specific needs. Below are a few of the transactions MFC has completed:
MFC provided financial advisory services assisting Ecopetrol and Jacobs Engineering in the analysis of construction and funding a Cogeneration Power plant. MFC identified all funding options, explained their pros and cons, and explained construction, performance and timing risks.


MFC, as merchant banker, established a refining entity and funded the purchase an existing refinery in Louisiana, a processing unit from Valero, Chevron’s refinery in Panama and Cibro’s refinery in Albany, NY. 450 greenfield acres were purchased on the Mississippi River for the reassembly of the refineries. All activities including studies and permits, including the first Gulf Coast air emission permit for a refinery in the last 35 years, were coordinated an managed through MFC’s corporate offices.


Hilton Tower
MFC structured and arranged the funding of a $230 million loan which was used to refinance an existing hotel tower and fund the construction and permanent term of a second hotel tower for the Hyatt Twin Tower Hotel in San Diego, California.

MFC structured the enhancement of a portfolio of under-performing finance leases for Riverway Bank, utilizing credit guarantees and reserves essential to bring the bank into compliance with banking regulations and made the bank sellable.



MFC coordinated with Jacobs Engineering to structure and obtain a $2 billion equity contact from Sinopec for a PEMEX refining project in Mexico.


MFC, as closing lender for Prudential, structured and funded Jacobs Engineering Houston regional headquarters. This off balance sheet transaction provided $44 million in “Turnkey Funding” including construction, FF&E, soft costs and term portion.


Delphi Tech Center
MFC was the first firm to successfully negotiate and obtain an investment-grade rating for a standalone Mexico firm “GM de México”, despite Mexico’s sovereign rating of BB at that time. The investment grade rating substantially reduced GM de México interest rates.


Chrysler Logo
MFC also achieved an investment grade rating for Chrysler in Mexico to reduce their interest rates and provided the commitment to fund its Mexican operations.


MFC monetized a Mexican bond issued by Insurgentes which was owned by USF&G. MFC was the closing lender for John Hancock whereby the proceeds were utilized to fund a theater development.


MFC, as closing lender for John Hancock, structured, identified all funding options and structured and managed the refinancing of General Motors $3 billion Warren Michigan Tech Center.

MFC achieved the completion of the first investment-grade rated bondable lease in Mexico. The $25 million transaction was the Twin Tower office headquarters in Juarez Mexico. MFC, as closing lender for TIAA-CREF, provided 100% funding of both the construction phase and permanent term.

MFC, as closing lender for John Hancock, completed a long-term, fixed-rate bondable lease to fund the construction of a medical office building for Harris Methodist Health Systems. MFC rated this transaction with NAIC and it was the first time a bondable lease incorporated a residual guarantee of the collateral from a AAA rated bond insurer.

MFC, as closing lender for Mass Mutual, completed a long-term, fixed-rate lease to fund the total construction, related equipment and term portion of a warehouse for Sterling Electronics in DFW.

MFC structured and arranged a $45 million funding for Schwegmann Giant Supermarkets that enabled them to complete an acquisition of their key competitor.

MFC, as closing lender for John Hancock, analyzed, structured, rated, presented, negotiated and documented a ground lease portfolio of credit tenants as a bond. This credit tenant portfolio was transformed into an investment grade rated private placement. This was a non recourse funding that far exceeded traditional loan to value limitations while offering a long term fixed interest note well below standard real estate loans.

MFC funded medical facilities for St. Mary’s in North Texas by discounting leases on a non recourse basis.

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