McDonald Financial Corporation

McDonald Financial Corporation (MFC), whose principal has 35 years experience in establishing and managing financial divisions of some of the county’s largest banks and life insurance companies, provides superior financial service. Our senior professionals have an average of 30 years experience and personally manage every transaction.

MFC functions as a closing lender, analyzes, structures, packages, presents, documents, negotiates and funds transactions on behalf of its clients. MFC identifies all transactional risks, analyzes and mitigates these risks, then structures transactions to meet its clients’ financial, tax and strategic goals. MFC additionally provides financial advisory services to a diverse range of companies as well as governments, both domestic and foreign. MFC can operate as a Merchant Banker to fund, partner with and grow a customer’s company.

MFC specializes in both domestic and international transactions. Our professionals are experienced in all forms of financing and structures to accommodate our clients’ needs. MFC has functioned as a principal / closing lender since 1991.

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